Northeast Church of Christ
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Welcome to the Library Webpage of the Northeast Church of Christ

We have a self-service library open to all. It is located on the 2nd floor--take the stairs to the left of the men's restroom. 
Our librarian is Jamie Nelson. Please contact her for special assistance.  
In addition to the self-serve features of our library, we have a special request form. These forms are located in the mail room. Just fill it out, and place it in Jamie's mailbox - also in the mail room.
We have teaching aids - or study guides - for individuals or groups.  We also have: recorded materials, workbooks, periodicals, and reference material.
Note, the reference materials must remain in the library.
Each of the materials in the library is cataloged in its own individual binder.
Catalogs of the books and materials in our library are also available online as PDF documents. To locate your item:
  1. Click on the catalog of your choice and allow the PDF file to open.
  2. You can scroll through the catalog until you find what you're looking for.
  3. Or, type Ctrl F and allow the "Find" box to open. Enter your search criteria and hit enter.
  4. To see all your search results, continue clicking the Next button to scroll through the catalog. Note, enter as few words as possible to get the most results.
  5. Note the information for the book(s) you wish to check out.
  6. Using the above information, locate the book on the appropriate shelf in the library.
  7. Following the instructions in the appropriate binder (yellow for books), check the book out.
  8. Return the book by the due date - or request an extension from the Librarian.
 Book Catalog:
Teaching Aids:
Search by Author
Recorded Materials:
Example search: (Suppose you're searching for a book about the parables of Jesus)
     1.  Click on the "Search by Subject" option under Book Catalog.
     2.  Once the file opens, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and type F. (Note, by scrolling
          through the by-subject catalog, you can see all the various books we offer.)
     3.  Enter "parable" in the Find search box.
     4.  Hit the "Next" button to see all your search results.
     5.  Continue scrolling until you locate the book or books you wish to check out.
     6.  For each book note the following information:
          a.  Dewey Decimal number
          b.  Shelf unit
          c.  Title
          d.  And occasionally the year or volume number too
     7.  Go to the library to locate your book. 
          a.  Locate the shelf number for your selection.
          b.  Then using the Dewey Decimal number, title, etc., locate your book(s)
     8.  Locate the "Start Here" flow chart on the wall.
     9.  Follow the instructions - to locate the proper color binder. Binders are under the
          "Start Here" chart.
     10.  In the front of each binder is a set of instructions to check out each item.
     11.  Return the book prior to the due date. Or, make arrangements with the librarian
          for extended checkout periods.
Other helpful hints:
  1. There are hard copies of each of the above searchable files in the library. They are in the various color-coded 3 ring binders - under the "Start Here" chart.
  2. There is also a list of book subjects in the book (yellow) binder.
  3. It may be easier to print the pages that contain the information about the book you wish to find.
  4. Some of the above files have been alphabetically sorted by Author, Title, and Subject to aid your search. 
Information on checking materials out is posted in the library.